A downloadable game for Windows

Control an army of elemental minions to defeat your foe's forces!

Armageddon is a turn-based card game for PC

Players will battle it out with their elemental forces and try to reduce their opponent's health to zero while creating chaos along the way!

This game was created for AIE's Pre-Pre-Pre Major Production Jam over the course of 48 hours. 


  • David Warford
  • Noah Albright
  • Carter Patterson


  • Camden Cecrle
  • Michael Ha

Designers / Producers:

  • Trent Wood
  • Tyrese Buckhanon 

How to play:

  • Players place their cards on the board
  • After players have completed their actions a tick will go by (abstract measurement of time)
  • Players add a tick to their cards to readies their attack (fills a meter)
  • Cards placed have a hand cost which dictates how long they have till they can play another card (ticks lower the hand cost time)
  • Cards can only attack enemy or unfilled spaces adjacent to their position
  • Attacking an opponent's empty slot deals direct damage to the enemy player 
  • When a player's health is reduced to zero, the game is over 

PC Minimum Requirements: 

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+ or better
  • Graphics with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities or better
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction or better 


CardGame.zip 6 MB

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